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Prof. Gennadii BUTENKO

The Director of the Institute of Genetic and Regenerative Medicine NAMS Ukraine since 2007,
head of the Pathophysiology and Immunology Laboratory of the Institute of Gerontology NAMS Ukraine since 1971,

the Academician of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine, elected on 25.03.1994 in the specialty of pathological physiology,
a Corresponding Member of the NAS Ukraine (1992), a Corresponding Member of the Russian AMS (1986),
Doctor of Medical Science (1971), professor (1984),
two times recipient of the State Prize of Ukraine (1981, 1999), A.A. Bogomolets Award NAS Ukraine (1997), Honored Scientist of Ukraine (2002)

His main research interests include: age-dependent preconditions for pathology onset in elderly and advanced old age, causes and mechanisms of immune system derangements, as well as developing a number of issues in basic gerontology research. He has established: the typical forms of immunological abnormalities and proposed approaches to immune status correction in elderly people; a role played by the immunological mechanisms in age-associated pathogenesis. He has proposed the hypothesis about the existence of an active factor which has negative impacts on the functioning of the physiological systems’ (stem cells included).

Prof. G.M. Butenko is the author of 330 scientific works, including 5 monographs, 4 manuals, 1 handbook for higher medical institutions, and 2 author’s certificates. He has prepared 1 doctor and 16 candidates of science.

He is head of the Consultative-Expert Committee on immune-modulating and anti-allergic agents at the state pharmacological Center of the HM Ukraine; a member of the directive boards of the following scientific societies: gerontology and geriatrics; immunology, allergology and immune rehabilitation; and pathological physiology. G.M. Butenko is an honorary member of the gerontological society of the Russian Academy of Sciences, and a member of the editorial boards of 5 scientific journals.

His main scientific works: “Active mechanisms of function disturbance in aging” (1990), “Aging of immune system” (1998), “Osteoporosis and immune system” (2002), “Age-related changes as prerequisite for age pathology onset” (2002), “Genetic aspects of aging and age pathology” (2008), “Stem cell technologies used in the gerontological research” (2008).